This is a 100% linen apron that is Oeka-Tech certified meaning it’s made with no harmful dyes or colors, is biodegradable & compostable, absorbs 30% more water and dries quickly without molding or that musty smell you get with kitchen towels. Our Linen gets softer with each washing and will last years without looking dingy.

These aprons are handmade and we hand fringe the pocket and the ruffle,you don’t get that with big box stores & we make each one here in Georgia USA! The cross back apron is easy to slip on and off and looks rustic hanging in the kitchen! And don’t forget you will look great wearing it in the kitchen while you make your Joanna Gaines cupcakes and pies!

Throw in the laundry on cold wash and dry on medium to low heat and give it a good shake coming out of dryer.

One size fits sizes 2-14 woman size.

This linen gets better with time.

Great Gift!


Rustic Farmhouse Linen Apron