This is our number one guest for yourself or any of your girlfriends! This amazing cloth takes off eye make up, face make up, cleanser and facial scrubs with just warm water, it’s amazing! This replaces wipes that end up in the landfill that are made from plastic and do not decompose, and it will take place of any expensive make up remover. It’s 17 inches long so one cloth is made to use Monday through Sunday and on Sunday you just throw it in the wash with your towels and it comes out beautiful cleanAnd ready to tackle any of your make up. It’s also biodegradable, lasts 3 to 5 years and takes the place of make up wipes that are ruining our landfills because they’re made from plastic and do not decompose. If you haven’t tried one this is your chance they’re absolutely amazing, I’ve been using mine since 1990 and I’ve never looked back!

Makeup Eraser in Pink Lemonade