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WOO HOO its 2022!

Welcome to Farm 2 Face Beauty! Thank you to new & returning subscribers! Finally we have put last year behind us. I was so ready for a new slate! I took some time off for the Holidays to go over our line, what was selling and not, all the business end stuff. And I came to a conclusion, I wanted to focus this year, focus on my favorite products. So the focus for 2022 is the face! Yes, all things face! (Which is my favorite)

Going through each product we found that the majority of our body products get sold in stores, not necessarily online. So instead of just getting rid of them all together online, we will do seasonal offerings, meaning every 3-4 months we will add them to the website for a few weeks, let you all know so you have time to purchase. That is the best way for us to be able to keep stock and keep you all happy too! When we get that calendar ready we will let you know the months and dates.

Also during my break I got to make a few new face items that I have been playing around with for a while, but just needed time to focus on them. I also sourced ingredients that are more Eco friendly, biodegradable etc.

Our Strawberry fragrance is new and has been a hit, its yummy! So we decided to do a Whipped Cloud Face Cleanser & Whipped Face Cream. That will be on the website shortly. They are both for all skin types and the face cream is great for the daytime. The fragrance comes from strawberry extract so there are no harmful chemicals or parabens etc in it.

The Whipped Cloud Cleanser is that, a cloud like foamy cream that doesn't strip or dry out the skin, cleanses very well with soft bubbles, plus a little goes a long way! Organic Blackberry Seed Oil is the star. Its cold pressed, and has a superior nutrient profile containing 83% fatty acids and well as Vitamins A &E. So its very good for healing. Its like whip cream for the face! LOL. The Strawberry Face Cream is really hydrating and great for daytime use and great for all skin types. Strawberry Seed Oil & Olive Oil helps to hydrate, improve elasticity and plumping up fine lines. Definitely a win win!

We have put some items that are overstocked on sale on the website. Veil Face Drops (pictured above), Lavender Goat Milk Soap & our Super C Mask Kit. The Mask Kit is 15% Vitamin C, gives you some exfoliation AND a super GLOW! Its a great way to try Vitamin C.

The Veil Drops are just that, a veil of hydration, so if your skin is dry in this winter weather (like mine) just add a drop or two to your face before serum or moisturizer. It really helps plump up fine lines too! If you order any item from the sale I will throw in a sample of the 2 new Strawberry products! But don't eat them!

I have high expectations for 2022! I hope you do too. The sale will run through end of January! No Code needed. Stay warm ya'll!

In Health, Beauty & Blessings,

Shannon & the Goats

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