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So here we are in this trying time. Its crazy to think months back that we would all be in a Shelter In Place. I know its been hard on small business’s, it’s made us look at other ways of doing business (which I think is a good thing!). Our Farm Beauties have been keeping this little shop afloat, and I’m forever thankful. Its been so fun doing Live sales and seeing everyone's comments! We will be doing more of those as well! We love to share Farm 2 Face Beauty all over!

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time is a No Tox Tuesday Talk. So instead of running around like a crazy lady, I know have time to start that talk on our IG account. So if you ever have some time on Tues around 3pm EST, stop by and say hello and learn along with us!

I also get lots of questions of how to use our products so I’m going to give you the deeds!

Cleansing for me is the most important thing to do for your skin. So, always cleanse morning & night! And at one of those spots give your skin a 30 second cleanse, take your time and do a little massage. This step is often done way to fast and sometimes overlooked. But for the health of your skin please don’t skip it!

After cleansing you want to tone with one of our mists. You have rose & neroli and our new rose/geranium facial splash. All three are for all skin types and can be used to set our mineral foundation and used as a toner. So, remember this: after you cleanse immediately tone your face and neck, apply your serum, eye cream then moisturizer. its very important after toning to get your other creams on within atlas 45 seconds, you are trying to seal in that moisture. And after all the creams I always do a light mist on my face to give me a little hydration boost.

Our Brightening mask is an exfoliating / hydration mask. You can use it as a cleanser in a pinch, sleep with a thin layer on overnight and just rinse off in the morning or use it 3-5x a week. It exfoliates by gently dissolving the dead skin that build up, papaya and pineapple enzymes do the big work and the rest of the ingredients help to hydrate and soothe and do a little brightening! This is a great mask for the back of your hands too! Its’ great for your chest as well. Very versatile so if you haven’t tried it I hope you can very soon!

If you want more information please follow us on FB and IG: Farm2facebeauty. We also have a podcast: Farm 2 Face Beauty Conversations on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor & Cast Box. Lots of fun and informative short podcasts to give you some insight of this Beauty World!!

Please stay safe, eat some good food, enjoy the ones your with, get out in nature, read a book, meditate or just laugh a lot! And please don’t forget to WASH YOUR HANDS!

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