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Winter is here with all its bleak and colorless backdrops. Yet, I find inspiration in all the drabness. Our woods are full of sticks and dead branches that I gather for wreaths and décor. The golden pines are perfect for harvesting to dry and infuse in oils and I love to watch out my office window and see my goats foraging in the front field (that I someday intend for a bigger shop). Lets not forget about the rainy Georgia days that feel like they go on forever. It's all apart of Gods seasonal beauty!

Even though I look hard for inspiration, this is my time to look at my seed catalogs and order all my flowers for the Spring! I scour these seed catalogs like I did the big Sears Catalog when I was a kid, sitting on the floor for hours and writing in crayon on a piece of paper all the toys that I wanted for Christmas. I also built entire rooms in my head out of that catalog, designing living rooms and bedrooms! I guess that is where I get my love of any kind of designing. Whether it be flowers in my field, my packaging for Farm 2 Face Beauty, or my house. Being so dreary, this seed catalog brings me all the colors of life that I can’t see emerging from the dirt. My favorite is sunflowers, the very first field I had of them that my husband and son built fencing for and tilled the dirt, this was going to be my Nirvana! I hand spread the seeds wondering if this is how Johnny Appleseed felt! I had to shoo squirrels out and a few birds, but when it came to full fruition. I would walk out in the evenings and sit smack dab in the middle of those sunflowers and listen to the bumble bees buzz about and I was so in the moment, remembering where I had come from In Las Vegas the big concrete city! This was such blissfulness for me.

I spent hours cutting those sweet babies and selling at Farmers Markets! I was growing Plum and Bicolor sunflowers along with the standard yellow along with Moulin Rouge and Florenza. That whole sunflower adventure has turned into growing herbs and flowers that I incorporate into Farm 2 Face Beauty products. You will see them adorning our amazing soap bars and infused into oils for creams and lotions. It's a long process with some back breaking work, but in the end I get the pleasure and looking at my flowers and taking them from dirt to a reusable product that is healthy. Look soon on our IG and FB pages to see the start of the life of flowers! I love being in the moment and hearing all the sounds of each season. The birds, goats and chickens actually keep me grounded and remind me through all the craziness, that I need to take time to listen outside to my surroundings and take time to love on my goats and chickens. If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you that my goats are my heart!

Sit back and get ready for the beautiful back drops that Spring will bring you soon. I know I’m so ready for it!

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