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Rainy days in Georgia are the best. When I lived in Las Vegas for 20+ years I always longed for rainy days or nights, and if it happened to rain it was usually the desert torrent downpour then flooding, so not my idea of country living! The chickens are safe in there coop clucking and waiting for the rain to stop so they can forage for some bugs and worms that will come with the rain, and all my goats are tucked in the goat houses that are lifted off the ground so the rain won’t seep in and I have old feed bags for flap doors that they can go in and out of. My goats loathe the rain, even at the slightest sprinkle they will run for the house! Its so funny to watch them run for the hills. Today is a bit more than a rain, lots of thunder and lightning and tornado watch that's in effect for my county, but until I hear a warning siren I will just keep tapping away at the keyboard.

And one thing I love about the rain is after its done, even in the winter all the colors seem a bit brighter, especially our rye grass that is already super vibrant green and green is what my post is about today!

We came right out of the gate in this idle Beauty world with a passion for being more aware of what goes in our products, how we grow our herbs and flowers and what are packing actually is and keeping it affordable. Right now we use plastic jars that are recyclable with aluminum lids that in some cases are recyclable and PET bottles that are recyclable as with our glass jars. Our hope is that you can keep them and clean them with warm soapy water and reuse for other things other than food(not good for perishable items) I use mine a lot for hair ties, bobby pin, tacks, paper clips etc. But I always think in the back of my mind “is that enough?”. I get asked a lot about refillable options in the boutique, but with not being able to judge how much to make in each product for refills, having that as an option in the boutique isn’t feasible at this moment, but I found an option for our Liquid Soap and we are testing a biodegradable option for any cream or mask. Its hard to find something that can withstand oils and butters that is biodegradable but we are still looking everyday! And I also have to keep in mind of price, its a no go if the packaging itself will be as much as the original packaging. But at the moment in the boutique you will be able to buy a refill for the Liquid Foaming Soap and that will soon be on the website as an option. Then look for refills for creams and masks.

We may be a small company but we are huge in our heart and purpose. And we want you to know that as we still grow & learn we are committed to you our loyal customer and the earth, that will never change.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this blog and learning along with us!

Our Green Initiative for 2020 is to find viable refill options.

In Health, Beauty & Love


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