Creamy Cleansing Oil

Creamy Cleansing Oil


This is a great cleanser that goes on like an oil but when you introduce water to it, it will turn into a milky gel. Great for all skin types. Avocado, Almond & Meadow Seed oil gently lift dirt off your skin while leaving it soft and supple, not stripped. Lavender and Blue Tansy Essential Oils give a soothing touch to the skin and help alleviate oil and any sensitivities. Removes easily with a warm water splash or wet washcloth. Truly a unique and double duty cleanser.

This cleanser is also included in the Exfoliation kit pictured.

4 oz size. Apply dime size to dry skin and massage in then add warm water onto the skin and watch it turn into a milky gel. Remove with warm water, pat dry, tone with one of our toning mists and one of our moisturizers.

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