Glow Bath & Body Oil

Glow Bath & Body Oil


This beautiful Bath & Body Oil is full antioxidants! Sesame Oil helps promote skin rejuvenation and is fast absorbing. Just 1-2 droppers in the bath for a long soak or apply after your bath or shower while skin is still damp for an extra dose of hydration. Just massage onto skin and watch it absorb. Use under any of our body creams.

You can even use this on your face at night for a treatment. Take 3-4 drops and warm up in your hands and press onto clean skin for a few minutes, then mist our Fresh Rose Mist onto the face and press a few more times, apply your cream and it will feel like you just had a facial! Your skin will feel smooth in the morning.

Can also be used as a Cleansing Oil too! Massage into damp skin and remove with a wet washcloth.

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