Summer Skin Is In

Yep!  its official!  Summer has entered the building and she is hot and humid here in Georgia.  This is the time of year I'm up early to try and beat the heat in my 3 huge gardens or I don't start work till 7pm ish and go to dark.  If I work outside during the day, by 11am I'm just a sweat filled clothes soaked Market Farmer, bugs attract to me so I get bit ( even with my Farm 2 Face Beauty Bug Repellent)  and not to mention your clothes stick to you and my SPF is just sliding off my face and not attractive!  All the better to chat about Summer skincare.

Summer is a good time to re-evaluate your skin products.  Some are good all year round, but some are not. For example, harsh acids, retina-A are a no go for summer.  Don't give your melanin another reason to creep up on you.  Use gentle exfoliants like enzymes ( in our Enzyme Mask) that gently melt the dead skin to reveal beautiful and glowy skin.  Face polishes or scrubs are also gentle to use many times a week!  The sun is intense in the summer, so treat your face right, use an SPF of atleast 50 and reapply every 30 minutes or so to keep from getting burned.  I wear a wide brimmed hat when I'm out side, I use an Beach Umbrella when we are at the beach and I wear SPF every day.  

Hydration is also needed in the summer.  If you have oily concerns you may need to exfoliate a little more but still replenish the face with moisture.  Lighter oils are great and don't make more oil on your skin.  Oil doesn't make more oil.  Our C You Glow Vitamin C Face Cream is great for oily skin.  For day time use you can add a few sprays of our Fresh Fruit Mist to your face before sparingly applying the cream.  And let it absorb.  If you have oily areas you are afraid of just apply the cream to the areas that are not as oily.  You can use moisturizer,  you just have to know how your skin reacts and you use more where you are drier and less where you are oilier.  

And don't forget to cleanse your face before bed!  If you don't all the sweat from the day and makeup etc will be smashed into your skin by way of your pillow.  When you don't clean your face before bedtime you can age your skin by 3 weeks!!  So don't forget!  

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Have a great start to your summer!  

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shannon palmquist