Welcome to the Farm!

We get a lot of questions about our goats Daisy Mae & Peggy Sue.  They are so precious!  We rescued them 3 years ago from an elderly women that had way too many animals for her to care for, so instead of taking them to the auction we took two!  Would have loved to take more but since I was new to being a "goat mommy", I didn't want to over do it!  

Before we even got them, we had to prepare a big pen for them.  And wouldn't you know it that it was Spring and it started to get hot, if I were to do it over I would defiantly build something in the fall, when the sweat doesn't run down your back to your feet!!  We went out into our woods, cut down the big posts we would need.  Most of the holes for the posts were dug by myself and my son Joey!  That was a huge chore....and I'm not the strongest person around these parts, so that is why I had my son help!  Even though it was back breaking and so exhausting for my body, at the same time it felt so good to be working on the land and building something with your own hands!! Trust me, from being an Aesthetician in a huge city to cutting down trees and digging holes is something I never thought I would do!  And my friends back in Las Vegas, Nevada are so shocked I'm still here living this simple lifestyle!  My parents raised me to never be a quitter, so I'm still here chasing goats, cleaning chicken coups and driving the tractor!  God has just blessed me immensely, so as long as he whispers my name every morning, I'll still be the country girl I always knew I was deep down in my heart!

4 weeks later, after lots of sweat, arguments with my husband, working sun up to dinnertime, the pen was finished!  My sweet husband outfitted the area with electric fencing, because we live in the woods and have coyotes and foxes running around, we wanted to keep Daisy Mae & Peggy Sue safe, along with the chickens too!  We added a big doghouse that was left from the previous owners so they can sleep inside at night.  They are so hilarious, when it barely drizzles outside or rains, they run into there house and watch me from the door!  It just makes me giggle.  

Daisy Mae is a pygmy goat.  She is just a funny goat.  She loves to play chase and jump around and give me little head butts!!  She has quite the personality and is very talkative.  Super sweet too.  Peggy Sue is more reserved and quiet (except when its feeding time, she lets you know she wants some hay) She is best buds with Daisy Mae and follows her everywhere.  Peggy Sue is a Dwarf Nigerian Goat.  Both are just really amazing little creatures.  

We have a small back field that we had to reseed for the chickens and my 2 lovely goats.  They have been grazing in the afternoons in that area for a few weeks now.  I know they love the fresh grass.  We have a big mean rooster and those two are not even bothered by him.  He has tried to peck them a few times and they just ignore him!   

We are on IG, you can see pictures of them from time to time!  From Daisy Mae, Peggy Sue and myself....have an amazing day!

shannon palmquist