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My name is Ace.

Ace is the top dog around here! Look at his handsome face.

This is Mr. Aceball, he is one of the 3  dogs we have.  He is a rescue from Las Vegas Nevada.  We got him 5 years ago and have loved on him ever since!  He is a German Shorthair Pointer.  Wonderful quail dog, and he's also an avid hunter of squirrels and mice.  He is very regal and you will see him in a lot of our photos.  He cannot be trusted alone though, he is a counter surfer and can steal a loaf of bread in about 3 seconds without a sound and out the doggy door to bury it for later!  He loves everyone that comes to the farm.  He is quite the vegetable and fruit eater too.  In the summer he takes cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe and zucchini right off the vine and eats it. He loves to go to Tractor Supply and get a treat but his most favorite thing to do is to go with his dad in the woods to change the trail cameras and chase squirrels!  

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