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About us & the Farm

We offer natural and organic solutions for your face, body, babes and Home. We keep our footprint small by using recycled kraft paper,boxes & labels, our bottles and jars are recyclable and many of our pouches are biodegradable and compostable. Just clean out our candle jars or tins and re purpose to store bathroom and kitchen items. Save the twine on many of our products to use in the kitchen or garage. We think big when it comes to the environment. Our candle wax and wicks are Eco, made in the USA and create a cleaner burn for inside your home. So please take a look at our offerings. We are sure you will find something to try!

Eco Tea Lights

Our tea lights come in our Home Candle scents. These boxes are precious and can be used for gifts, teacher appreciation or just place in your guest bedroom. The boxes can be re purposed to hold another gift. But whatever you decide to use them for, we know you will love our scents.


4 years ago after leaving the corporate Spa World in Las Vegas, Nevada, we came to beautiful Georgia and are so glad we are here! Being an Aesthetician for 25 years and working on thousands and thousands of faces from all over the globe, from the Spa at Caesars Palace to the Spa at the 5 star Mandarin  Oriental Hotel Group, I created a line that every one can use and see results with.  Infused oils, essential oils,nutritious butters among others is what we use to impart a healthy glow.   

Fast forward to now, on a small farm in Middle Georgia, where I spend hours in my studio creating products that you can trust  where you know there are no synthetic fragrances or artificial colors. Or out in my sunflower field or weeding in my plots,  If I won't use it myself, it will never be created!  The Green Movement is in full swing and I've been apart of it since the 1980's. If you are interested in using products without questionable ingredients, that in the long run could be harmful to you, take a look!  It's a journey to self care and being in charge of what you use.  


4 goats, 12 Silver Lace Wyandotte chickens, 3 Americaunas, 2 bird dogs (Ace & Sadie Mae aka Tater Tot), a rat terrier with 3 legs and Buttercup, the non chasing mouse cat!  We are 15 Acres of healthy living and farming on a 1/3 acre.  Lots of flowers, veggies and fruits grown sustainably with no pesticides or chemicals of any kind.  We create beauty with our skin, body & home products as well as provide herbs and flower arrangements (with lots of sunflowers of course!). With appointments you can even come out and pick your own flower arrangement (or we can do it for you), take pictures, or take a class. Classes will include lessons on how to make your own herb butters, Kombucha making, or skin care and healthy living! Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and our Blog to learn about upcoming classes. I will teach you like my Mamoy (Grandma) taught me. That is where all my inspiration comes from.  Wearing an apron in her huge kitchen at that farm table is where I helped make her famous coconut cake, pear preserves and everything else in-between. Lets bring simple living back!  Check our events page for our events or classes we hold.  Or see where I am teaching an event at around beautiful Georgia!  

Any questions please feel free to email me at:, I will get back to you with in 24-36 hours.  Spring and Summer is our busy season so please be patient with us!  We love to hear from each and every one of you!


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