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A story of freshness

Pink Gradient


 I have been an Aesthetician for over 25 years and have worked on thousands and thousands of faces from all over the world! From the Spa at Caesars Palace to the Spa at the, 5 star, Mandarin  Oriental Hotel Group. I left the corprate Spa World in Las Vegas, Nevada to come to beautiful Georgia (and I am so glad we did!). I was able to create a line that every one can use and see results with.  Infused oils, essential oils, nutritious butters, among others, is what we use to impart a healthy glow.  
 Fast forward to now, on a small farm in Middle Georgia, where I spend hours in my studio creating products that you can trust. There are no synthetic fragrances or artificial colors. You can also find me out in my sunflower field or weeding in my plots. The Green Movement is in full swing and I've been apart of it since the 1980's. If you are interested in using products without questionable ingredients, that in the long run could be harmful to you, take a look!  It's a journey to self care and being in charge of what you use.  

Farm2FaceBeauty offers natural, vegan skincare and organic solutions for your face, body, babies and home. We keep our footprint small by using recycled kraft, paper, boxes & labels, our bottles and jars are recyclable and many of our pouches are biodegradable and compostable. Just clean out our candle jars or tins and repurpose to store bathroom and kitchen items. Save the twine on many of our products to use in the kitchen or garage. We think big when it comes to the environment. Our candle wax and wicks are Eco, made in the USA and create a cleaner burn for inside your home. So please take a look at our offerings. We are sure you will find something to try! Don't say no to paraben free skincare!

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